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Every paid plan starts with a 14-day free trial. No credit card required.

Annual Billing Monthly Billing
How many Monthly Active Users (MAU) do you have?


For commercial projects and smaller teams

  • 1 Application (Site)
  • 3 Team members
  • 1 month analytics history
  • -
  • -

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For high-volume sites, popular apps and larger teams

  • 4 Applications (Sites)
  • 6 Team members
  • 3 months analytics history
  • Web API
  • CDN

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Custom plans with advanced features for mission-critical projects

  • Custom Cloud or On-premise
  • SLA
  • Custom contracts & invoicing

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Features break down

Feature Team Professional Enterprise
Help Center
Quick & Contextual Help
Tours & Notifications
User segmentation & targeting
Custom help domain for Help Center
Custom styling
Awesome support
Applications (Sites) 1 Up to 4 Unlimited
Team members Up to 3 Up to 6 Unlimited
Analytics history (months) 1 3 Unlimited
No Guideblocks branding
CDN (Content Delivery Network)
Custom Cloud or On-premise installation
Service Level Agreement (SLA)
Custom contracts & invoicing
Please note that Team and Professional plans are subject to our Fair Use policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try Guideblocks before any commitment?

Yes. All our plans come with a free trial. No credit card is required. You will get a fully functional working account that allows you to set up everything, just like with paid account.

Is the 14-day trial really free?

Yes. No credit card is required.

Is Guideblocks really free if I have less than 101 MAUs?

Yes. Team plan is totally free if you have less than 101 MAUs.

What happens at the end of my trial?

You can buy online and pay via credit card. Your trial will become your live (production) account.

How are Monthly Active Users (MAU) Calculated?

MAUs are calculated as the total number of users who log in to your web application/site in any given month. We don't charge you for passive users (those who may be in your database but don't log any activity during a given month).

What happens if I exceed the MAUs allowed under my current plan?

If you exceed your plan, we'll keep everything up and running for you. At the next billing cycle, we will automatically upgrade your account or charge you a prorated overage, whichever is cheapest for you. We will also send you a notification if this situation ever occurs.

Can I cancel my account at any time?

Yes. If you're using one of the self-service plans, you can do it any time directly in the app. Please note that cancelation will become effective at the end of your current one-month billing period. For example, if your subscription started on February 10 and you canceled on March 2, you'll still be able to use Guideblocks up until March 9. The Enterprise plan comes with contracts which specify (in detail) how cancellation works.