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Dynamic help

Help Center

Full-featured on-line help center. Build your own knowledge base or customer help portal.
  • Beautiful help center for both desktop & mobile
  • Categorize help articles and organize them hierarchically
  • Insert images, files and videos directly in help articles
  • Embed help natively in your app - link to help center from Dynamic & Contextual Help, Tours & Notifications
  • Control who can view content using publishing workflow
  • State of the art help content editor
  • Built-in image editing & annotations tool

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Dynamic & Contextual Help

Always available, interactive and contextual in-app help.
  • Dynamic help - show users help related to current page/feature
  • Add additional Context help icons where needed
  • Full-text search allows users to find what they are looking for
  • No coding required

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Dynamic help

Tours & Notifications

Engage users in your web application/site.
  • Display step-by-step tours to explain features
  • In-app messages and notifications as modal or slideout
  • Link to help articles for more info
  • No coding required

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Automate Help Maintenance

Keep help center content up-to-date and in sync with current application's version.

Rethink how new ideas can change the way everyone works. Be different.
  • Get rid of boring repetitive tasks with Smart Annotations that stick to page elements and follow them around
  • Significantly reduce time to help content maintenance with automated find & replace of screenshots and images
  • Content reuse in different user engagement channels (help center, tours, in-app messaging, dynamic help, context help)
  • No coding required

Smart Screenshots

Take additional data on page elements when taking a screenshot of the page.
  • Link annotations to page elements (e.g. buttons, menu items, input boxes, etc.)
  • Keep annotations between versions, even on image resize/crop
  • Automatically replace screenshots and images in help articles

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User Segmentation

Personalize help provided to your users.
  • Segment users based on multiple criteria
  • Build criteria filter using multiple and/or statements
  • Built-in graphical filter designer

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Other Features

Take a look at some of our other features.

Custom themes

Built-in themes editor allows themes customization, giving you full control over the look and feel.

Easy Installation
Easy Installation

Install our JavaScript snippet in just a few minutes. After that, all features will be at your fingertips.

Statistics & Reports
Statistics & Reports

We log views, tour steps, help searches and more so you can find out what users are struggling with. Measure help performance and spot trends to prevent issues.

(for developers)

For thorough integrations, developers can use our Web API. Control every aspect of content creation/maintenance and automation workflows.

... and many more ...

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