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What's the story behind Guideblocks?

Guideblocks is a spin-off project started by Ninoslav Rasinec, founder, and owner of Raverus d.o.o.

Raverus d.o.o. is an IT company established in 2006. We are specialized for development of different business applications/solutions, especially in these areas:

  • anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing,
  • financial services/reporting (fiscalization, notes to the financial statements),
  • time&attendance management,
  • personal data protection and user assistance.

Currently, we have eight different packaged applications implemented at more than 3,000 different companies (clients) on 12,000+ different computers.

We are also specialized in cloud-based SaaS solutions, built both on Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS.

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Bozidara Adzije 19
10000 Zagreb
Proud member of European Union


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